Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Publicly Listed Apache Axis2 Services

Google and other search engines constantly crawl the web. This allows some interesting search terms where the search engine would allow one to find directory listings of various items. This is an interesting case where people one researcher was able to find SCM directories.
With this in mind ... try googling for the following term:
"Available services" "Service EPR"
This gives a set of publicly hosted Apache Axis2 WAR distributions. Quite a few of them still had the default version service. Interestingly, the service listings includes faulty services, which displays the full path of those faulty service archive (.aar) files. Due to obvious differences in the presented path values this "feature" also discloses whether the host system is a UNIX based system or a Windows system. This maybe something to think about when managing service your deployments.

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