Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hashing a message into an elliptic curve group

I wanted a hash function (h) defined as follows for an implementation that I'm working on these days:

h : {0,1}* → G

This means that h maps a bit string of any length to a point of the the elliptic curve group G.

These sort of functions are quite common in literature and I came up with a quick fix solution for one :-) (and I'm sure there are much better implementations out there).

Here's the code:

import it.unisa.dia.gas.jpbc.Element;
import it.unisa.dia.gas.jpbc.Pairing;
import it.unisa.dia.gas.plaf.jpbc.pairing.CurveParams;
import it.unisa.dia.gas.plaf.jpbc.pairing.PairingFactory;

import java.io.InputStream;
import java.math.BigInteger;

import org.bouncycastle.crypto.digests.SHA256Digest;

public class Digest {

private Element gElem = null;
private Pairing pairing = null;

public Digest() throws Exception {
CurveParams curveParams = new CurveParams();

//Load private key
InputStream fis = Digest.class.getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream("keys/digest/g");
byte[] tmp = new byte[1024];
int read = fis.read(tmp);

byte[] gBytes = new byte[read];
System.arraycopy(tmp, 0, gBytes, 0, read);

this.pairing = PairingFactory.getPairing(curveParams);
this.gElem = this.pairing.getG1().newElement();

public byte[] createHash(byte[] data) throws Exception {

//Create a sha 256 of the message
SHA256Digest dgst = new SHA256Digest();
dgst.update(data, 0, data.length);
int digestSize = dgst.getDigestSize();
byte[] hash = new byte[digestSize];
dgst.doFinal(hash, 0);

BigInteger val = new BigInteger(hash);

BigInteger order = this.pairing.getG1().getOrder();
BigInteger fact = val.mod(order);

Element gen = this.gElem.duplicate();
Element mul = gen.mul(fact);
return mul.toBytes();


This uses the jPBC library.


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