Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back after a long time

I spent the whole summer in Sri Lanka and now I'm back in Purdue.

The summer was quite eventful! ... Met up with a few old friends, went on a few trips ... But there was one thing that makes me really happy about the summer:

I lost 25 lbs!!! For the first time in my life I bought clothes that are smaller than the current size!

Two of my best friends (Malinda and Devaka), got me signed up at a local gym (Which I have to note, was the most expensive gym I've been to in Sri Lanka :P) ... And this time I somehow resisted the traditional rice and curry that I used to have for all three meals ... It was tough but it is a great feeling when you see a lower reading on the scale.

I feel good, but I have a new target weight to get to, it is not easy! :-)

I moved into a new apartment. Happy that I have way more space compared to the little dorm room I was in the last two semesters.

So I'm back to studies ... I'm taking CS 580 (Algorithms) and CS 541 (Databases) this semester in addition to my research work and the 20 hours of software development work that I do for my assistantship.


Dushshantha said...

Wow.. Its nice to hear that U lost weight buddy. Keep it up. and Good luck.. :D

Unknown said...

Update :

I've been able to shed further 10 pounds bringing the grand total to 35 pounds, since I started working on it (From June '09).

Still a long way to go!

naomi said...

any advice for me to lose weight??
what exactly is the procedure??

sanborneakle said...

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