Sunday, August 24, 2008

Update from Purdue

Well it has been about one and a half weeks since I came to Purdue ... I've been updating my twitter quite regularly about the things that happened so far.

I miss my family and friends back home, a lot ... I miss the great food my mother used to make and now I think by the end of this semester I will be able to loose a few pounds with my very primitive cooking ... :P ... Ah .. I have some pics of my new room ... will post them as soon as I get my new laptop :D

Yesterday we (Sahan, Nabeel drove down to Indianapolis and met most of old friends from the WSO2 days :-) ... It was really nice to meet up and talk about the old times.

Well my classes are starting tomorrow ... and it will be the start of a whole new set of challenges... Am certainly looking forward to it! :-)


Ayanthi Anandagoda said...

So good to hear from you.. Glad you have found company:), already.. Looking forward for the pictures..
Take Care Ruchith,

rajika said...

Good luck!