Monday, December 17, 2007

WSO2 Identity Solution 1.0 is now available

We released the WSO2 Identity Solution last week with an Identity Provider and a set of relying party components.

The identity provider component supports issuance of information cards and tokens defined by Microsoft CardSpace specifications. Some of the main features are :

  • Simple management console

  • Ability to connect to custom user stores (LDAP/Microsoft ActiveDirectory, JDBC)

  • Built in user store

  • Support for the CardSpace default claim set

  • Support for custom claim dialects and claims types

  • Statistics/reporting/audit trail

  • Ability to revoke information cards

  • Issues information cards based on username-token credential and self issued credential

The relying party components includes an Apache2 HTTPD module (mod_cspace) and a Java servlet filter component. mod_cspace has useful features such as ability to enforce CardSpace authentication on static web content. Extensions for Drupal, MediaWiki are also available that can be easily configured with mod_cspace.

Documentation on setting up and using the identity provider and other relying party components are available at

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