Friday, September 21, 2007

WSO2 User Manager 0.1 Relaeased

This release can be downloaded from

Features of User Manager 0.1

* User Management usig "org.wso2.usermanager.readwrite.DefaultRealm".
1) Add/edit/delete users
2) Add/edit/delete rolels
3) Manage users and roles
4) Manage user and role authorizations

* Plugin to Existing user stores

1) org.wso2.usermanager.custom.jdbc.JDBCRealm - This can connect to existing RDBMS user stores via a JDBC driver and authenticate users. It can retrieve user properties from the users table. This is tested using MySQL and Derby database drivers.

2) org.wso2.usermanager.custom.ldap.LDAPRealm - This can connect to existing LDAP server and authenticate users and retrieve user attributes. This is tested using open ldap.

3) org.wso2.usermanager.custom.acegi.AcegiRealm - Can perform authentication provided the bean mapping for AuthenticationProvider.

* A web app to perform user verification using Emails
This consist of 3 jsp files and a single class. Extract the webapp and integrate register.jsp, signon.jsp and validate.jsp to your application. Add the WEB-INF/lib files and classes directory to your war file or classpath.

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