Wednesday, July 25, 2007

WSO2 WSAS 2.0 released

The WSO2 WSAS team is pleased to announce the release of the WSO2 WSAS 2.0

This release can be downloaded from

WSO2 WSAS 2.0 - Release Note - 23rd July 2007
WSO2 WSAS is an integrated Web services Platform which offers a complete
middleware solution. It is a lightweight, high performing platform for
Service Oriented Architectures, enabling business logic and
applications. Bringing together a number of Apache Web services
projects, WSO2 WSAS provides a secure, transactional and reliable
runtime for deploying and managing Web services.

What is new in WSAS 2.0

* Data services support
Allows data in relational databases to be exposed as Web services, and to be included in Web mashups with ease.

* Eclipse IDE integration
Wizard based flows to automate most steps and make easy the process of developing, deploying and debugging Web services.

* Clustering support
Clustering support with state replication for high availability, along with load balancing, failover and cluster-wide management functions.

* Full support for WS-Security, WS-Trust, WS-Policy and WS-SecureConversation and XKMS. Extended security with support for WS-Security, WS-Trust, WS-Policy and WS-SecureConversation with
additional means for secure Web-based communications using public key infrastructure (PKI) with XKMS. This release of WSO2 WSAS also includes an inbuilt SecurityTokenService as defined in WS-Trust specification.

* EJB service provider support
Expose EJBs deployed on a remote J2EE application server (AS) as Web services.

* Axis1 backward compatibility
Easily deploy any Apache Axis1-based Web service and engage advanced WS-* services, such as WS-RM and WS-Policy in front of legacy Axis1 services.

Plus various bug fixes.

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Known Issues

1. POJO to Web service feature is still at an experimental stage. One can upload jar/zip file and can create an AAR out of it. If you uploaded a jar/zip file which has a services.xml file in its
META-INF directory, when its transformed into AAR its services.xml will be replaced by the generated services.xml. In addition to this, the user cannot associate any library dependencies or web content with the generated AAR file.

Due to limitations in Axis2, method overloading is not supported, and hence the WSDL for services where methods are overloaded cannot be generated. Hence all WSDL based functionality related to services will not work for such services.

2. WS-Policy support is still in experimental stage and limited to single port scenarios.

3. You cannot have two different versions of the Apache Sandesha2 module in the system.

4. A true entry has been added to the HTTP & HTTPS transportSenders in order to overcome some issues with some browsers. In case of interoperability failures, please change the value of this parameter to false and retry.

Reporting Problems

Issues can be reported using the public JIRA available at

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Contact us

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Alternatively, questions can also be raised in the forums:
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Thanks for your interest in WSO2 WSAS
--- WSO2 WSAS Team

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