Monday, May 07, 2007

New house, no car and in Maryland without luggage

I just moved into a new house in Battaramulla and moving furniture and other preparations with unusual rainy weather conditions was quite a physical challenge :-). Especially my parents were really tired after the whole process. To make matters worse AMW (local Nissan agents) are still not done with fixing the front bumper and lights of my car (ts been more than a month now) - they are quick to blame the delay on the number of holidays that we had during April (sinhala and tamil new year) and May (vesak).

Well ... amidst all these I am to present the WSO2 Identity Solution at WSSC 2007! After getting my travel arrangements sorted out in the very last moment, I boarded a Srilankan airways flight to London. Transit in Heathrow was fine and I was happy to find a power adapter for the my HP laptop which I was going to use as the demo machine. The Virgin Atlantic flight to Washington DC was nice (They had a cartoon - flight security video which was funny ... hehe). At this point I'm half way through the extra large m&m's I bought in Colombo/Katunayake airport :D. I got through immigration with out much of a delay and found myself among a bunch of angry people who can't seem to find their baggage :-( ... I was hoping mine won't end up in somewhere like Hiti. Then it was a quite a long shuttle ride to Baltimore, Maryland to the hotel.

Just called the Virgin Atlantic baggage services and they said the bags are in London and that they will be able to get them over to my hotel sometime today! yipii :D ... So now I'm in my hotel room listening to some "baila" songs and trying to get some work done.

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Unknown said...

Hmm, too bad. It is Ruchith again on the receiving end of all these.