Sunday, December 10, 2006

Apache Rampart 1.1 Released

Apache Rampart team is happy to announce the 1.1 release of Apache Rampart

You can download the releases from:

Apache Rampart 1.1 is a toolkit that provides implementations of the
WS-Sec* specifications for Apache Axis 1.1, based on Apache WSS4J 1.5.1
and the Apache AXIOM-DOOM 1.2.1 implementation.
What is in this release

There are two main Apache Axis2 modules provided with this release.

* rampart-1.1.mar
* This provides support for WS-Security and WS-SecureConversation
features. rahas-1.1.mar
This module provides the necessary components to enable
SecurityTokenService functionality on a service.

Apache Rampart 1.1 introduces a new configuration model based on
WS-Policy and WS-Security Policy and it is important to note that Apache
Rampart 1.0 style configuration is now deprecated and will not be
available in next major version.

Apache Rampart 1.1 can be successfully used with the next Apache
Sandesha2 release targeted towards Apache Axis2 1.1 to configure
WS-SecureConversation + WS-ReliableMessaging scenarios.

The rampart module was successfully tested for interoperability with
other WS-Security implementations.

WS - Sec* specifications supported by Apache Rampart are as follows:

* WS - Security 1.0
* WS - Secure Conversation - February 2005
* WS - Security Policy - 1.1 - July 2005
* WS - Trust - February 2005
* WS - Trust - WS-SX spec - EXPERIMENTAL

Thank you for using Apache Rampart.

The Apache Rampart team

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Bruno said...


I am very interested in seeing some code examples of how WS-SecureConversation and potentially even WS-Trust function in Axis2 with Rampart. Are there any publicly available examples? I am running Rampart 1.1 now in Axis2 and have good experiences with the functionality, but I am looking for the "next steps" and would be grateful for any tips you can provide.

Best Regards,