Wednesday, February 01, 2006

UsernameToken with JavaScript

This is a simple sample that demonstrates a wsse:Usernametoken with plain text password and password digest.

SHA-1 function was imported from here and some util functions were imported form here.

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Umesh said...

WSO2 presentation @ APIIT

guess u were one of d guys who did d above presentation dat day. have to say WS02 presentation was pretty different and guess rightly so..

i wish to say one thing abt dat day.. unfortunately most of the guys present dat day were 1st or 2nd yr students.. dont think more than 5-6, final yr or degree results pendin guys did come 4 dat func dat day. reasons->guys in final yr r more concerned of their studies and prjs and ppl who r pendin hv already got into gud jobs with likes of IFS, Virtusa, MIT, Ecode etc:
bt anyway urs was very interesting and nice. thanks for coming. do well WSO2